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Overwatch PlatChat

Apr 4, 2018

With stage 2 of the inaugural season of Overwatch League now in the books, we talk about the state of our favorite teams and make predictions about when the Shanghai Dragons will get their first win. We take a deeper dive into how the meta will likely work around Brigitte, as well as the changes to Reaper, Mei, and

Feb 27, 2018

The PlatChat Podcast has returned after a "short" break! We quickly catch back up to the current patch, and offer some thoughts on the PTR and upcoming direction for the game's meta. Pretzel auditions to be the voice actor for Brigitte.

Nov 21, 2017

Moira has arrived on the live servers and is only a few days away from her competitive debut. Mercy was reigned in with a rez nerf while Ana's damage received a buff. With all these interesting and significant changes to Overwatch's support core, we make some meta predictions that could result once everything is live....

Oct 24, 2017

Its time to return to Eichenwalde! For Junkenstein and his abominable crew are back to rain terrible destruction on the castle doors once again. We go over what we love, like, and despise about the current halloween event and conclude with meta, Blizzcon, and the upcoming Overwatch League season.

Sep 20, 2017

As fans of Overwatch meander their way through Season 6, we come upon a welcome addition in the form of Junkertown, a payload escort map. Significant changes for both Mercy and are included in the new patch, which promise to throw huge elements of the meta into flux. Pretzel and Jerako give their thoughts on all...